Show Your Trees Some TLC

Arrange for tree trimming services in Peoria, East Peoria and Morton, IL

Are your trees becoming overgrown and unsightly? Don't worry - Fischer Tree & Stump Removal provides tree trimming services in the Peoria & East Peoria, IL area. We can remove dead, overgrown, and unsafe branches, in addition to shaping the canopies of your trees. By the time our certified arborist and team of tree experts are done, your trees will look more appealing and be structurally sound.

Call today to schedule your tree trimming services. We'll be happy to answer your questions and give you a free estimate.


Fischer Trees arborist & tree experts can evaluate your trees' condition. Identifying specific trimming services that are essential to the type of tree that aligns with your objectives and the priorities of maintaining plant health and safety. Some of the main trimming aspects include:

  • Crown Cleaning: selective removal of dead, diseased, broken or weakly attached branches from the tree canopy
  • Thinning: removal of select branches within the canopy to let in more light & air movement
  • Crown Raising: removes lower branches of a tree to provide clearance for buildings, signs, vehicles, pedestrians

Regular trimmings can improve the health and appearance of your trees dramatically. Reach out today to talk with our tree experts about your tree trimming needs.