What are common signs I need to remove a tree?

Dead or dying tree, large dead branches, structural problems, fungal growths, pest infestation, root damage, hollow trunk, proximity to structures, health decline.

Do I need a permit to remove a tree?


What do you do with the wood after removal?

We haul away the wood, some is used for firewood, some is repurposed as mulch by other companies, and the rest is disposed of.

Will you grind the stump?

This is optional. We have the option to do this, but it is up to the customer if they would like this service.

Does my tree need cabling?

Trees that need cabled may be due to weak branch unions, having multiple trunks, or structural issues. Cabling is a preventative measure, not a complete fix for these issues.

How often should I have my trees trimmed?

Every tree is different, but the standard is roughly every 5 years.

Are your emergency services 24/7


What classifies as an emergency?

A tree or part of a tree that has fallen on a structure, vehicle, fence, or is posing a safety risk to people.